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Ever heard of choosing a plant according to your personality?

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Your personality significantly influences the types of plants you decide to grow in your home. Maybe you’re very neat and want a plant that will tolerate being confined in relatively small spaces. Or perhaps, you’re more adventurous and would like something adaptable and hardy. There’s a variety of plants for all types of personalities. Your personality is the primary influence when choosing a home plant. The key is finding the right one for your unique traits, but it can be hard to get down to just one type with so many different kinds.

Before caring for houseplants, our first step will be to think about your personality’s different elements that make you who you are. This step will help determine which type of plants best suit your home environment. For example, if you tend to be an independent type, an easy-going plant like a succulent could work well! All of these houseplants require minimal maintenance. You need not worry about having the necessary nurturing side for a bonding experience as these don’t expect it. Isn’t that great?

Here are great house plants with their personality traits that you can match up with.

For the adaptable you!

Spider plants are hardy, easy to grow houseplants. They get their name from the leaves that hang down like spiders. Hence, they also make great hanging potted plants. They’re low-maintenance and are adaptable to many different conditions, including bathrooms, terrariums, and rooms with low light. Spider plants clean your air of toxic vapors and harmful fumes. They also give off oxygen at night, which provides the space with positive air pressure and helps trap any pollutants before entering through the window or vents. It also makes for a significant decorative element.

For the true nurturer in you!

Baby’s tears, also known as Nerve Plants, are beautiful, vigorous plants with dark green leaves and white, cream, or pink veins. They enjoy drenching humidity and heat, making them a perfect candidate for any new parent who would like to have their hands constantly full. Baby’s tears can grow to about 30 cm and have the unique ability to either shape into an upright or broader bush-like figure. They continue to spread across the surface as long as you provide optimal conditions of moisture and nutrients. This makes them a practical option for those who regularly require something to attend.

Charm in and around you?

Lucky Bamboo is for you! Lucky bamboo, a.k.a., “The Money Tree,” is an excellent indoor plant that’s said to bring good fortune to the household you plant it in. Lucky Bamboo does not require much maintenance and can be grown in soil or water. However, avoid placing them upright or near air conditioning vents as it is said to bring negative energy.



For the easy-going you!

Having a good attitude makes it easier to look past the challenges one has faced. For many people, hobbies can serve as a reminder of peaceful times in one’s childhood and provide a safe avenue to release stress. Try some succulents if you want to decorate your home using some easy-to-care plants! They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, so you will find one that sticks out as ideal for your needs.



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