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5 life lessons we should imbibe from plants and nature into our lives

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We’re inspired by plants because they have so many simple, idealistic qualities. Plants love life and willingly exist. They don’t hassle people or fight unnecessary battles. They’d much rather just exist on their own terms and be happy with what they have in the immediate moment. If you spend enough time around a plant, you might find yourself adopting some of its best habits.

Always look into the brighter side of things

As the sun moves across the sky throughout the day, many flowers and plants orient their leaves towards it. There is a reason why even plants sitting on a windowsill seem to grow toward the sunlight. It’s important that you identify and move toward the sunlight in your life. Reach for the people and things that bring you light, even when life feels dark. Yes, it’s challenging but worth it because while some days are surely going to be longer than others, you have to be able to say proudly that you did not give up but instead stayed strong.

There is beauty in all shapes and sizes

Wouldn’t a garden be plain without all its lovely variety? Each plant offers something unique to the garden – shape, colouring and size. If you think about it, the whole world would lose its magic if we weren’t surrounded by beautiful things with each their own special attributes. You are unique just like every other creature on this planet – and the world needs you in order to stay beautiful!

Even baby steps prove that you are growing

Most plants grow in tiny increments. If you observe a little seedling’s progress from one day to the next, it’s hard to notice any difference at all, but if you look at the same plant one year later, the change is clear. Likewise, it can be common to overlook the growth of your life. It’s hard to see progress over the course of a week or even a month, but if you look back at where you were five years ago, you can see how far you’ve come. Each step forward is still progress nonetheless, no matter how long it takes to reach your destination!

There’s more than meets the eye

Night-blooming jasmine plants are pretty and delicate but they bloom only at night. During the day, this plant hides its petals inside a small green bud. It would be easy to pass over this plant and think of it as plain or even ugly without ever knowing of the spectacular beauty hidden inside. How often do we do this with people in our lives? It’s so easy to meet someone and immediately judge them, but the truth is there’s always much more than meets the eye.

Cut-back events actually make you stronger

Every gardener knows that there are weeds in the garden and some of them need to be removed in order for the plants to reach their full potential. At first, removing these may seem like a step back, but it provides many steps forward for your plants instead. A refresher: when you have trials or setbacks in life, remember that they’ll strengthen you. You’ll gain resilience and become better because of them. The only thing you should do is use this opportunity to grow from them which requires you to lose your grip on things that aren’t helping your cause – whether it’s old ideas or people who cease to support you.

Adapting to changes is the way to go!

Plants are experts in knowing when to bloom and when to hunker down and protect themselves. Deciduous plants shed their leaves and petals and hibernate during cold months. In the spring, they open up and bloom, soaking in as much sunlight as possible. It’s important for entrepreneurs to create a similar rhythm for themselves. When life gets hard, it’s okay to protect yourself, regroup, and push through until you reach the sunny days of prosperity once again. This is not the time you ought to give up or feel defeated just because things may have seemed challenging at times. You need rest and recharging just like plants that need their winter hibernation routine before blooming in the spring!

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